I fell in love with Taiko drumming during an Obon festival I attended a few years ago. Ive also started doing some hand drums at our community center. To request permission to reprint, please email editor@kripalu.org. It lowers blood pressure. First Sound Workshops (facebook). THE FIRST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.i really cant explain what the feeling is when i play certain songs. You can reap many of the same benefits from yoga, which is why the two are such excellent complements. What about the neighbors who have to listen to this drumming banging going on across the street. These are questions that have puzzled exercise scientists for some time, and studies have not confirmed one way or the other whether exercise will make your skin look younger. While drums can be left undecorated, most are adorned in a way that is significant to . I am in a situation where i need to set up my drums within a four walled room with an A/C and even a bed to sleep during the nights.Does breathing those skins of the drum affect our health ? Maybe you would like to go and explore different kinds of drums, if you havent already, and have a fell, what FEELS right for now? Actually, if you search his name and the benefits of hand drumming that should also provide you with references for the health benefits of drumming. The Thundergods of Portland inspires me. I have also noticed that if I dont drum for a while, I get depressed. Thank You.*. -focus Keeping Fit. For the f i rst time, I will be presenting my dream baby of two yearsSNAREPY! My name is Katy Lantz but really its Kay Flava. Depending on their age and personality, kids have a lot of energy. I felt like I had discovered the roots of all music learning and healing! I understand why virtually all the drumming/spiritual/therapy venues are oriented in a social format but as an asocial introvert for 90 years, Ive been practicing an innovated water drum meditation for the past seven years that might interest anyone exploring solo spiritual drum meditation. I am now 57 years old, but I feel beaten by aches & pains, associated with my drumming. And it has the possibility to benefit people with a wide range of symptoms. Watch this video ad-free on Nebula: https://nebula.app/videos/polyphonic-what-makes-john-bonham-such-a-good-drummerIf you think this video was worth $3 - . I CRY AND FEEL HUGE ENDORPHINS. A power that helps you exist in this world. Don't let the speed get away from you, or you'll ruin everyone's day. I am a believer in the healing power of drumming and thankful for the experience. Explore upcoming programs led by Kripalu faculty and expert presenters on topics ranging from yoga to societal and personal transformation. Im excited for you. We drum outdoors in dowtown Delray Beach every Wed night at Old School Square Park. I have experienced profound transformation in myself and many musicians / drummers throughout my career in the music industry and mental health field ! I facilitate drumming event for people of all walks of life and see this reaction on people in many environments including harsh environments like a prison. This accelerates my brain and provides additional stimulation to the mind and soul. And, after graduating, found an African drumming class when teaching privately at a high school. Reading this gave me the chills. ADDRESS: 101 W. Main Street, Sunset Beach NC. I am a drummer for horses and an equine reiki healer. I just laughed. It possesses you. I already had 6 drums but making my own is also so wonderful! Knowing such amazing health benefits of playing drum make me more enthusiastic and happy. I believe this has to do with entrainment as you drum together in rhythm, your own hearts and bodies begin to entrain to the same beat. I love and admire that you have started pole dancing. Take care and keep on drumming.it is a universal language and a gift of healing from above ! Thank you Dr. Northrup for sharing your informed perspective! You can go to your local music store or purchase a drum online at http://www.x8drums.com. Play cool instruments. Here in South Florida dancing is a huge part of the drum circle culture. The steady beat of Theta drumming is a powerful tool for brain health because, by the very nature of its constant rhythm, it permeates the entire brain, bringing both hemispheres into rhythmic balance. Their blood pressure, blood lactate and . I first learned traditional grip and later switched to matched grip. It means your muscles are getting stronger. After only 15 minutes of drumming your mind will start to quieten and your body will start to feel release. Regards I go once a week but if they offered more I would be there. The feeling came back about 5 years ago and I felt the need to play again wonderful! And enjoy this service to humanity that you are providing! It helps control chronic pain. A very good context here Dr. Christine. What type of drum do you use? I was amazed because I knew she hadnt been actively drumming in a while. I am studying to be a teacher and i am currently doing an assignment. It requires thought and muscle control that other musicians dream about. Brilliant. And listening to drum sounds regularly can have the same effect as drumming itself. drumming is so mush better than just beating on something. Hi, im from India . West African drumming is my passion. We met once a month in a book store. So uplifting and full of hope. So, when my husband, Shaun Laframboise, and I teach people to drum, we arent actually teaching them anything new, as much as we are helping them to remember an innate ability that is our birthright. WONDERFUL. If you use netting, make sure it is taut and set at least 3 inches from the siding to avoid birds pecking through it. So interesting. Geri, (kittys mom). Art, Culture, and Music Therapy Teacher. Shamans used drumming as a means of reaching an altered or trance-like state so that they can connect with the spirit dimension. I have been in drumming circles, drummed for entertainment, and drummed for healing for the past 20 years. I never knew there was scientific reasoning behind it! Feel free to reach out! If youd like to become a trained drum circle facilitator, you can obtain training through HealthRhythms (www.healthrhythms.org. I will share your link too! http://www.thevillagedrumLLC.com, Thank you dear Dr. N. This is such a life affirming piece. I ordered padded drum bags which fit perfectly so were ready to go to our next workshop. If you need help, ask a friend expert DJEMBE tuner! I am going to have my own home soon..I will hire a drumming guide..at least once a month..for the entire family.. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, dietary supplement, exercise, or other health program. Im sure that with a bit of research you could find something rhythmically satisfying without having to resort to a full kit. I want to do that! I mean, who doesnt want to feel like a rock star? Get friends or family members to join you. Right on track!! Lovely sound. We used drums to welcome folks and as a background to prayers as we scattered his ashes on the mountain and into the river. Their reactions can range from meditative to curious and playful interaction. "Drumming is associated with a lot of energy, a lot of strength, a lot of power and a lot of masculinity," Mutua says. I have been Drumming since I saw Ringo Starr with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Hi Christiane, I have never played in a drum circle but I do have a rock drum kit and every time I play with my band I get all the same feelings you talk about. I live in Lakeland, Florida. I quickly found that the rhythm of the drums began lifting my energy. It motivated me to get out and go drumming again. Do you happen to have any journal articles or references you could share with me regarding the information you have outlined in this article? Most of my teachers were Native Grandmothers, other Elder women, and talented men too. Djembe? Thank you for sharing the benefits of drumming. I dont have the scientific vocabulary to have said a lot of what youve written but have always believed that music, for me drumming, and the performing arts in general are far more important to society than is generally realised. Thank you SO much for sharing this here. I started playing drums at an early age and played semi-pro for 10 years and sold my kit of drums aged 25 then I met my wife in 1977. We have maintained the same Native American-based drum circle in south Florida for over ten years now, as well as others. I started it because of a longing to get back to a feeling of tribe. I hope you can continue to enjoy and revel in the amount of physical power that you have . My hands, however, still work pretty good. The issue is finding it; without a series of convoluted tests we can grab low hanging fruit (jaw and neck). Great subject, Dr. Northrup. The drum is THE universal instrument, for reasons that are both known and unknown. Drum circles have come a long way over the last 20 years. Again, this is extremely rare. Cardio drumming classes, such as Drums Alive and Pound, have been around for a few years. Drumming makes your brain more efficient. Posture is a neurological event, its not consciously driven. Sorry Big Pharma but drumming is much safer and more effective. This is one drummer who was very careful about his rock drumming technique. And I keep getting stronger and more flexible. Modern Taiko History. We had 55 people on the drums! There are fibers that will, when stimulated, use of the pathways pain uses to travel up its messages. Hi , My name is Margie. Love this! We have a womens percussion performance group so between classes and practices I probably drum 5 days a week. Amazing piece. I was beginning to lose hope. It made me so happy to read this. The drum has been part of my Irish culture for millennia, the sound of the drum connects us to our mothers heartbeat, her first communication with us in utero and perhaps the one we need to get back to in order to heal mother/child history. A lot of people Ive spoken with are highly interested in drum therapy, for themselves or a loved one, including my sister, in which my nephew who is non-verbal and is on the spectrum. RhythmU, who yoU are Beat by Beat. We are a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to empowering people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. You have a wonderful sense of humor!! I would like to hear more of your success. The original idea was to organize Saddle Brooks first drum circle and bring together school age kids, getting them off the street and teaching them to communicate through the rhythm of the drum. It is amazing to see a persons transformation when drumming it can happen instantly. I visit peoples horses and drum fro them in the UK. Just heart breaking for me when I see this. Part of karma, I suppose. http://www.marlaleigh.com, Drumming workshops for Schools, Colleges, Kindergartens,Drum circles for community events,Staff motivation,Icebreakers for Corporate team building activities,Interactive drumming events. Certainly burning more calories than playing the flute. Might only be in the US, though,). My skills on actual drums are on par..when im beaming Im double speed but even at a normal level my hands get extremely fast but its all about the groove. For our final project we are to design and present our own stress reduction program. I just recently started a drum circle which I hope will continue to grow. Rather than take up space here, if you are interested in some of the experiences of participants, follow this link: https://mixedblood.info/To_Drum_article.html. Again, I experienced such profound relaxation at this evening outing. He heard my microphone making a little noise, I told him it was my microphone, the gym teacher asked if he wanted to go one the stage, so I took him up. Do you have any references for the studies which you mentioned? I absolutely LOVE this article and the comments Im reading. Both at one point had living souls and moved onto to a different purpose and to live and provide energy in different way. Thank you for serving too. I even use shamanic drumming in my sound healing sessions because it opens the heart chakra. Research grants if your area. An underlying force in life. Mind, body, inner rockstar! I sing and drum too! I have had type 1 diabetes for 37 years now, but my body doesnt feel 37 years sick anymore. An Empaths Best Protection Against Energy Vampires. What is DRUMS from HEAVEN? I love how you have wired your brain and body to be ambidextrous as it were. Its interesting, isnt it how often ones family doesnt share ones passion even when its so clearly beneficial and fun. It was confusing to some. I have also been attending drum circles for a few years and have only just recently handcrafted my own drum and drumstick. I dont do drum circles but I created customized health and wellness programs that rock (Next Stage Drumming) and I have a drum ministry through my church. I think we need some Thundergods in Portland Maine playing beside the Atlantic ocean. I added elements that are both beneficial and create the love for music. I took some pole dancing classes a while ago. Its can only be good. Feeling joyful is one of the best feelings one could have. My wife and I have been thinking of getting our son into a new hobby while he is in high school so he doesnt get into any worse habits. And downright scary to others. Share. Is there a reference list for these claims? Dr. Zakir Naik, a renowned Islamic scholar and President of the Islamic Research Foundation, also shared his views on the subject in an interview (source). For those who are ready to reclaim this birthright (or exercise it more! So that means usually once or twice a week for two hours I am totally concentrating On my timing and the pattern on playing. I am going to share, share, share this article with all the wonderful women I drum with, and more importantly the women who have been wanting to but havent yet. Dear @PeteSechler, Dr. Northup, and others. His words Ill never forget, he said, I need the drums. Everything you said about drumming is true. And the vast majority of exercises do NOT increase core strength. The pain part regarding chronic pain, not acute injury- we only feel pain that is second third or fourth tier; our system is designed to block the primary pain by avoidance, distortion, etc.. so the pain that is causing the distorted posture is not felt by you directly and if the posture involves a forward and or rotated head we have a short list. I always feel energized during (and afterr) the spiritual drummimg groups I attend! Even historically, drums were used in war to give/relay commands, intimidate enemies and rile up troops & morale. The dance gets my large muscles loose and my brain relaxed. This is why you might see a flicker pounding on a metal power pole or your house siding - to make the loudest sound he can, not to look for food or drill a hole, but to make a statement. thanks again for putting this out there, its the best kept secret around in my opinion. This idea applied musically means boys are likely to be taught drums, girls are likely to be taught something "softer" like violin. It feels absolutely great! There was also a period of time I think when Lars wasn't practicing. Women's Health Expert, Visionary Health Pioneer, Wellness Speaker, and New York Times Best-Selling Author Read More, Yes, I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to receive email messages from Dr. Northrup & can unsubscribe at any time. 57 Interlaken Road 10 Health Reasons to Start Drumming. I swear I always felt so relaxed after playing his drums. Within the past couple of years Ive done a little contract work. Come join us! What an AMAZING story and post. Performing drummers and dancers recognize how music and changes in music effect each other. Anthropologist Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, did pioneering work in the 1960's and 70's in studying the effects of drumming. It really gets the brain working as your hands and feet are doing different things. She just said to me oh I just do this in study hall all the time .. We are people who care about other peoples needs. ck out my website http://www.drumbafitness.com thank you so much i am going to print and pass out to my menbers. Hopefully, that will erode the stigma of a hippy culture that drumming seems to conjure up (my Mom could never understand my love of drumming). And this ceremony sounds so profound and wonderful. And he was even more cautious about the repetition of his general life. Certified Reiki Master and Drummer. So no matter your age its never too late to try something new even if its not the norm. Footdrumming, as with other signals, probably originated by ritualization of older . Percussion is an exciting and health boosting activity which is noted by the scientific community for its ability to alleviate modern day stresses. the frequency of the sound, released from the drum synchronises with the brain waves of the listener, causing a sort of hypnosis. I instantly agreed and told her I was sure god wanted him to teach me the drums. What you are describing is using drumming to raise the vibration of a group. riskylogic, Sep 11, 2017. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Michael Drake wrote the above, almost verbatim back in 2006. Math skills increase with drumming over time as do all mental functions. I love hearing what youre doing. Not only does Paramore speak to the apathy of the times without sweeping grief under the rug, but This Is Why finds a new . I discovered drumming (specifically, the djembe, a hand drum from West Africa) in 2009 at a caregivers conference and immediately signed up for classes. And it uplifts those in alignment. Im excited!!!! I went down the route of drum machines and programming drum hits but was left frustrated at the tediousness of the process and mediocre results. It is always good to read about the benefits of group rhythm circles for all kinds of populations. Its all available to you. Plus, hand drumming is easy and loads of fun! . I will find a studio that offers drumming lessons so that not only will I be able to learn a new skill but have fun doing it with my mom as well. God bless you and the other people that also wrote in this column that they drum with the people who REALLY could use this. I didnt know it at the time, but interestingly, this most heart-wrenching period of my life held the seed for my futuredrumming. Joy, joy, joy. Required fields are marked *. Also, please check out Mary Knyshs website: http://www.rhythmicconnections.com My original facilitator also taught us Afro-Cuban rhythms which I love. lightly slap the back and sides of your upper neck for 10sec. I am a 30 year veteran Afro-Cuban drum teacher. I just play! At home, you could try a magnesium supplement. And when we are having trying times, that is precisely when we need to drum , or dance, or cook, or just hang out, with like minded souls. But you have to surrender . Melanie. 413.448.3500 Drumming can help improve attention, inhibition control and thinking skills, research suggests. Ask any turkey hunting addict what drives their obsession and the answer likely includes the intoxicating rush of calling in a brush-bearded, sunlit strutting tom, gobbling, spitting and drumming through the spring woods. it was capable of playing a larger range of dynamics. Your article is a fantastic exposure of the healing power of this modality! A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine enrolled both middle-aged experienced drummers and a younger novice group in a 40-minute djembe drumming sessions. I consider myself privileged to share these times. I love the satisfaction of my hands being coordinated, feeling the rhythm the hearbeat, the PULSE and sharing the energy of syncopation.
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