96067\r(530) 926-7131\r(866) 780- 9790\rhttp://www.mercymtshasta.org\r\r\rStephen Sindoni has been a guest on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, Odyssey Radio with Mike Schultz, and the Suzane Northrop Show. Interviews with the founding members of the I AM Activity and the Bridge to Freedom. Discussions with Roger Ancona, who participated in establishing the Bridge to Freedom, Alice Schutz, Secretary to Geraldine Innocente and William Cassiere, a messenger appointed by Saint Germain, who had worked with Mr. Ballard, were very helpful. Saint Germain Foundation | Metaphysical - Mt. Shasta Chamber Ney Springs (Mount Shasta), photograph copyright Dustin Naef. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. An ancient primordial connection between water and spirituality has always existed in some form. Ascended Master Godfre - Guy W. Ballard - Ascension Research St Germain Violet Flame | Visualize The Violet Flame Meditation - SGF Ballard met St. Germain, an Ascended Master, and part of Blavatskys Great White Brotherhood, on the side of Mt. Detailed description of the Fall of Man Quick Shop Volume 04 - Ascended Master Instruction $32.00. So Godfr met Saint Germain in Mount Shasta in the second . Use of the Akashic Records enables Ascended Beings to gain access to historical data, back to the time when mankind first embodied on Earth Top image: Oceanides, Gustave Dore (1860-1869). - Godfr Ray King, Messenger of Saint Germain, The Ascended Masters dictate over the Light and Sound Ray, "The sound of Saint Germains Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room. Mount Shasta - Saint Germain Press The Cosmic Machine hidden deep within Mount Shasta Some of the old people, after bathing in the pool, are shown stepping out of the water on the right, glowing and youthful again. 2018 MU Event: Saint Germain Comes to Mount Shasta; 2018 Summer: The Resurrection of America; 2018 Raising the Mother Light in Chile; 2018 San Diego: Saint Germain on Soul Freedom; 2018 Australia Seminar: How to Live a Heart-Centered, Mindful Life; 2018 Winter: Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth; 2017 Events. More WATCH AGAIN 2 Posts The "I AM" Pageant of the Angels 2022 6 months ago | 978 views The "I AM" Pageant of the Angels--2019 2 years ago | 2,197 views 5. Saint Germain Foundation - Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia Disappointed former disciples came forward with accounts of how the organization promised to restore the eyesight of a blind senator, but failed. More. Saint Germain Foundation is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, United States What is Saint Germain Foundation's revenue? According to an I AM Foundation magazine, the purpose of the radiation was behavior modification designed to "consume and purify the vorticies . Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great in Mount Shasta and beyond. The Count of Saint Germain (c. 1710-1784) was a mysterious gentleman who appeared among the royal families of Europe in the eighteenth century, known as der Wundermann.. His varied and unique talents reportedly included chemistry, alchemy, music, and magic.He had no visible means of support, but no lack of resources either. Saint Germain on Mount Shasta. Members, those who study and apply the "I AM" Teachings,join together inservice at our Temples and Sanctuaries. LEARN MORE Read Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and "I AM" Discourses. Saint Germain assembled the Sacred Sound System band in May of 2006, and has five dvds and one cd. Shasta. www.amtf-verlag.de Throughout the history of civilization, the concept of the apocalypse has been ever present, in one way or another. All who study these pages honestly, deeply, sincerely, and persistently, will know and make contact with the Reality of that Presence and Power. If you're not familiar with the The Nonsense Bazaar's Saint Germain lore, go back and listen to episodes 23, 24, and 52, otherwise this is going to make absolutely zero sense. . SHASTA. Free E-Books | Saint Germain Foundation - I AM" Activity Several annual conclaves are held at their 12-story " I AM Temple " at 176 West Washington Street in downtown Chicago. top of page. [9] In 1997, the Belgian parliamentary commission established a list of 189 movements containing I AM. There are also "I AM" Musicals that are free for listening over the web at https://www.saintgermainfoundation.org/musicalbroadcasts. Mossbrae Falls located south of Mount Shasta is a Native American sacred site whose waters attributed health and long life to those who drank from them.. The mountain was worshipped for millennia by the Wintu and Hopi and other Native American tribes, but over the last century and change, they have been joined by believers in aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, and lizard-people. I opened my eyes and i was covered in snowflakes. The Great White Brotherhood is the name given by various 19th and early 20th century occultists and Theosophists to a supernatural communion of enlightened spiritual teachers. Detailed description of the time period after an individuals death to his re-embodiment Answering the 3 Fundamental Questions of Life Religious Organizations. Trails By Area Mount Shasta Vistas, Meadows And Waterfalls: Three Best Hikes On Mount Shasta The End Of The Road: Three Hikes In The Old Ski Bowl Area Two Trails From Bunny Flat Three Trails On Mount Shasta's East Side Mount Shasta's Hummingbirds Trinity Divide Great Lakes: Top Five Lake Basins In The Trinity Divide My experiences were the results of applying the knowledge Saint Germain had previously revealed in Unveiled Mysteries., The purpose of this Book is to reveal to the individual the whereabouts of his own Divine Self, God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," that all who desire may return to their Source, receive their Eternal Inheritance, and feel once again their Divine Self Respect., In the various Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood which we visited, I was shown the Tremendous Work They do for mankind through Their Messengers who are sent into the outer world., May the Great Love, Light and Happiness of the Ascended Masters flood the Being and world of everyone who reads this Book! The Magic Mountain - Roads & Kingdoms Mount Shasta's 'I AM' Come! pageant called off in 2020 Photo of Saint Germain at Panther Meadows. Never before had this type of knowledge been presented in such a structured, chronological order. Policies. [10] Among the splinter groups of the Saint Germain Foundation, there have been The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse and the Church Universal and Triumphant. Very much like the lyrics of the famous She may be ancient Egypts most famous face, but the quest to find the eternal resting place of Queen Nefertiti has never been hotter. About Us Order Online. Shasta and to St. Germain. As the love offerings rolled in from lectures, records, jewelry, photographs of the cults beloved messenger, special electrical devices equipped with colored lights called Flame in Action, and cold cream, the Ballards secured radio time and use of the Shrine Auditorium. ", It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.. Empowered by the divine messenger, Ballard raced to Los Angeles--where else?--to form a religion based on Gods identification of himself as I AM--a sort of Readers Digest condensed version of the Hebrew deitys proclamation: I am who I am., Under the pen name Godfre Ray King, Ballard shared his experiences--for a fee--in Unveiled Mysteries, which sold like hot cakes for the then-hefty sum of $2.50 a copy. According to this dispensation 49% of all karma, accumulated during all embodiments, has been dissolved, Subjects, Vol. Along with his wife and Twin Ray, Edna Wheeler Ballard, he founded The "I AM" Activity. [1] There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado. His writings about Mount Shasta take a different tack than much of the Read More. The Saint Germain Foundation owns hundreds of perfectly manicured properties in extremely desirable locations, does no active recruiting, and is just generally incredibly creepy. Saint Germain Foundation | Religious Organization | United States . A semi-crippled Freemason, Prof. Charles H. Allen, identified Shasta Springs as a fountain of youth and wrote glowingly about its virtues. Many of these natural springs are still in existence today, and they contain different spiritual and mineral characteristics. Mount Shasta is a center of mystical, paranormal and metaphysical activity like no other in America. Cathedrals are some of the most awe-inspiring structures in the world, with their grandeur and intricate details captivating visitors for centuries. This program is about sharing Sacred Knowledge that helps raise the Earth into its Crystal Golden Age. ", - Beloved Lotus, Messenger of Saint Germain, Godfrs remarkable Experiences with Saint Germain Foundation | (530) 926-6302 | Mount Shasta, California Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow beg for help; We are coming, sheriff says, Newsom, IRS give Californians until October to file tax returns, Before and after photos from space show storms effect on California reservoirs, Tom Sizemores one-man show: The secret hes been keeping from Hollywood. ThisInstructionisthe trueandfull understanding of the inner Laws of Life that govern our existence:why we exist, our purpose in life, why things happen, andthe actual knowledge of how we can change and reshapeour own world;and, on an even greater level of existence howwe can actively help and serve mankind, and make a difference. What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis? To summarize, the goal to save and re-publish the original texts of the Bridge to Freedom in the format of textbooks has been successfully accomplished through the efforts of a very small number of volunteers. If spirituality had a primal soup, it certainly must have been located somewhere within Los Angeles city limits. Dispensation of Mercy by Alpha and Omega, directors of our Central Sun. Embodied as: Guy Warren Ballard (July 28, 1878 - December 29, 1939) Messenger for the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood during the 1930's through December 1939. St Germain Pr Publication date January 1, 2003 Dimensions 9.25 x 1 x 7.25 inches ISBN-10 1878891995 ISBN-13 978-1878891990 See all details Product details Publisher : St Germain Pr (January 1, 2003) Language : English Hardcover : 434 pages ISBN-10 : 1878891995 ISBN-13 : 978-1878891990 Over the centuries, countless secret quests and lonely pilgrimages have been made in search of a lands legendary healing waters, and its redolent fountains of youth. SCH Number. A year after what skeptics insisted on calling his death, the I AM movement almost--but not quite--dissolved, when guru Edna, her son Donald and eight others from the inner circle were indicted on 18 counts of fraud for collecting about $3 million from followers. Were no more obliged to return the money or pay her bills than any ministers would be, Edna Ballard said angrily. You can clip a small part of any file to share, add to playlist, and I AM Violet Tara in Action, Lessons in Mastery is the edited and expanded version of a series of ten webinars Peter Mt. The Story Behind St. Germain on Mt. Shasta | Legends of NorCal . St. Germain Foundation Revealed - YouTube THE AGE OF AQUARIUS Saint Germain is regarded as the "Chohan of the Seventh Ray". As of 2007, Saint Germain Foundation maintains a reading room in Mount Shasta, California, and its headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Count of Saint Germain - New World Encyclopedia If you wish to participate in this important endeavor, please contact Werner Schroeder at Greeting Cards; Mount Shasta; Mount Shasta. What is the web address (URL) for Saint Germain Foundation? To research the gathered texts, separating the new manuscripts into subjects and re-publishing these as textbooks. Peter Mt. Shasta - I AM teachings of the Ascended Masters Gary R. Varner (2010). Picturesque Shasta Springs. Summary. The resort closed in the early 1950s when it was sold and continues to be owned by the Saint Germain Foundation, and is used as a major facility by that organization. Formerly she had worked 20 years as a teacher. Then, under Saint Germain's guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in 1935 and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain (as well as with other Ascended Masters) and . Dustin Naef (2016). Shasta Springs - Wikipedia [2] Ballard published his experiences in a series of books. The Creepy Legends Behind Mount Shasta in Northern California Guy Warren Ballard (July 28, 1878 - December 29, 1939) was an American mining engineer who, with his wife Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard, founded the "I AM" Activity.. Ballard was born in Newton, Kansas and married his wife in Chicago in 1916. Founded by two self-described angels, it featured a blend of space travel accounts and prosperity tips that were a magnet to legions of the desperate during the Great Depression. Werner Schroeder, Founder of the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, base in Mount Shasta (California). There are also Group Meetings on various continents, as well as Introductory Classes and Musicals. Before Guy W. Ballard, a paperhanger, stock salesman, mining engineer and promoter, arrived in Los Angeles from Chicago with his wife, Edna, a part-time medium, he took a short journey to Mt. This was Pearl Dorris, a former assistant to Godfre Ray King (author of Unveiled Mysteries). 2017 Ascended Masters Bless Australia Saint Germain continue . Woodcut: Hans Sebald Beham - Fountain of Youth and Bathhouse (1536). This task was accomplished using the following steps: The time has arrived, when many of humanity are rapidly awakening, They must, in some way, be made to understand, that they have lived, again and again, in hundreds sometimes thousands of lives, each time in a new physical body. JERUSALEM FOR THE WEIRD. MT SHASTA, CALIFORNIA - Medium ( Public Domain ). . Members, those who study and apply the "I AM" Teachings,join together inservice at our Temples and Sanctuaries. Los Angeles, This fabled orchid breeder loves to chat just not about Trader Joes orchids. In the old countries throughout Europe, some sources of water have been venerated for untold generations, sometimes to the wonderment of modern people, as noted in the following quote by a nineteenth-century traveler: The unnoticeable smallness of many of these consecrated wells makes their very reminiscence and still semi-sacred character all the more remarkable. Guy W. Ballard, hiking in northern California, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta. Saint Germain Foundation A seven-step technique for transferring them to larger pots. Saint Germain revealed many things which have been held in secret, and sacredly guarded for many centuries, awaiting the cosmic moment for mankind's awakening. Since his childhood in Kansas, Ballard had been obsessed with visions of buried gold and jewels and claimed to have felt the energy of this great mountain pulling him. Count Saint Germain, also known as Comte de Saint Germain, or Saint Germain, was an enigmatic figure of the 1700s who achieved notoriety in European high society, attracting kings, playwrights, and followers. [6] It is recognized by the Theosophical Society and the Great White Brotherhood.[7]. St. Germain Foundation Revealed - YouTube 0:00 / 6:14 St. Germain Foundation Revealed catstephens5 562 subscribers 20K views 13 years ago Stephen Sindoni reveals a tale about a woman who was. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for St Germain locations in Mount Shasta, CA. (Saint Germain, Vol.5 Unveiled Mysteries), How 107 Ascended Beings gained their ascension (Vol.1 Ascended Masters and Their Retreats), Subjects, Vol.3 Man His Origin, History and Destiny Saint Germain on Prophecy, pg 33. The first complete mapping of a Neanderthal genome took place about five years ago - supporting the human-Neanderthal hook-up and also showing that Neanderthal DNA in humans is a thing. Posts Tagged. Dustin Naef is an expert about Mount Shastas history and folklore, and has lived at the base of Californias legendary mountain for most of his adult life. Compare. A live presentation of various scenes from this year's Pageant of "I AM COME! The Atlantean Civilization Our Seven Bodies Are the Misty Peaks of the Azores Remnants of the Legendary Atlantis? We invite you to learn moreabout this Ascended Master Instruction. Q5. Ascended Master Words Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. Two trials later, Edna Ballard and her son were convicted of mail fraud. He thinks he will find an ancient edifice over it, or some other conspicuous adjunct. It was through Saint Germains Assistance that I was privileged to have the experiences recorded in this Series of Books. Q6. Well, we're back here again: the I AM Activity, Saint Germain, Mt Shasta, interdimensional vampires, Nazis, mind control, you know, that old chestnut. Please enable javascript. Hidden, illegal casinos are booming in L.A., with organized crime reaping big profits, Best coffee city in the world? St. Germain showed Ballard the secret headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood and his past life as George Washington. ( Public Domain ) References Section: News Myths & Legends Americas Ancient Places "[4] The next performance will be in August 2023. Saint Germain Foundation - Liquisearch.com https://www.saintgermainfoundation.org/our-activities The Saint Germain Foundation and Press today serves "I AM" Students all over the world and performs Pageants for residents and visitors alike in Mt. www.serapisbey.com, 2023 Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, 16 Newly Prepared AMTF Lessons on YouTube, The Purpose of Life on Earth and other Planets, Werner Schroeder took an early retirement from his job as a Professional Engineer to devote himself completely to that task and to save the teachings of the Bridge to Freedom.. This should come as no surprise, because youth is the one thing that cannot be purchased with all the wealth in the world; and with each passing moment, a little bit more of it is taken away from us forever. Saint Germain on Mount Shasta It was through Saint Germain's Assistance that I was privileged to have the experiences recorded in this Series of Books. 52 - The Saint Germain Foundation | The Nonsense Bazaar The standard idealization of the fountain is fairly consistent: old people, often carried or hobbling along on crutches, strip off their clothing and enter a pool on the left. Be the first to review! Water from the Sacred Well: Further Explorations in the Folklore and Mythology of Sacred Waters. These giants were represented by the Wa- As Greek mythology goes, the universe was once a big soup of nothingness. . Creek at Panther Meadows, Mt. Shasta. Place where Master St. Germain The story is entitled The Paula Shrock Story. who claimed he met Saint Germain on Mount Shasta in California in August of 1930. Saint Germain revealed manythings which have been held in secret, and sacredly guardedfor many centuries. ( CC BY 4.0 ). We will be pleased to give information regarding book discounts, shipping costs and additional details.
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