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He hired them to work on his Senate staff, and even traveled with them to El Salvador to witness the gang violence that forces so many young people to seek refuge in the US. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass celebrates it's 20th anniversary with an online broadcast titled Let The Music Play On. He was 76. The next morning, the first driver to give me a ride was surprised that I hadn't heard the news. ", They released the doves to fly. In early February, during the Vietnamese New Year's celebration, National Liberation Front (the Americans called them "Viet Cong") troops attacked throughout South Vietnam, capturing the famed "Citadel" in Hue and other prominent posts formerly thought impregnable. And I will.. I got pregnant during the tour in a motor home en route to Buffalo, NY. So, hope you like it ? A beautifully emotional Alfre Woodard read from Tom's memoir, Ed Begley spoke about Tom's commitment to the environment and how it changed his life, ending by saying that he named his daughter Hayden in Tom's honor. Other books documented the power of this elite over foreign policy, describing how the CIA had overthrown Arbenz in Guatemala, Mossadegh in Iran, and other elected leaders, to protect the profits of American corporations. Pallbearers will be the employees of Smith Lumber Company: Murray Abendroth, Chris Stark, Carol Kennedy, Daniel Jarrett, Jason Tatum, Josh Hofstetter, Kevin Stegall, Kenneth Blevins, Jimmy Boyd and Jarren Robertson. [1], Hayden attended Dondero High School in Royal Oak, Michigan. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Jazz and blues fests are everywhere now, and Americana is going strong on college radio. I watched the news footage of Kennedy on the floor of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, bleeding to death. Stream/purchaseHERE. Tom Hayden, in full Thomas Emmet Hayden, (born December 11, 1939, Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S.died October 23, 2016, Santa Monica, California), American activist and author. It struck me as a putdown of the poor, and racist as well. [29][30], During 1976, Hayden made a primary election challenge to California U.S. Tom Hayden with his then-wife, Jane Fonda, and their son, Troy, Santa Monica, California. Those who claim to care about marginalized voices have nothing to say about those who have no voice at all. Though memories remain, it wasn't in vain. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The ones who are born then will sing in the rain. Mostly, we felt fortunate for having known him. 2022 Redwing Records, LLC. While the resistance is both more and less than a Sixties-like movement, one would guess it will prove large and broad- based, and will shape politics (electoral, included) for a decade or more. She later recalled that in contrast to the interminable debates she had witnessed in Ann Arbor, in SNCC discussions the focus was on action and women had a voice. By Robert D. McFadden. Distributed by ADA. bobby kennedy pallbearers tom hayden Randle Guy Jackson, 69, of Marietta, passed away on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, at his home. In a lengthy account of the riots, Hayden was unblinking about the inevitable,. I found her inexpressibly lovely and wanted only to tell her things would be all right. Director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center. I Cant Make You Love Me : A 25th Anniversary Oral History, MUSICIANS ON MUSICIANS Bonnie Raitt & Brandi Carlile, Joan Baez and Bonnie Raitt Tree-Sit In Protest, Together we can make this a great community and make many new friends. Williams told The New York Times that Hayden had a history of heart problems and his health had declined in the preceding months. Hayden died on Sunday after a long illness, said his wife, Barbara Williams, noting that he suffered a stroke in 2015. http://img.youtube.com/vi/Z2Br1RWvYxg/0.jpg, Tom Hayden, a prominent leader of the 1960s anti-war and civil rights movements died Sunday at the age of 76. What a soaring speaker Tom was. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. "[27] Staughton Lynd, though, was critical of the Port Huron and New Left concept of "participatory democracy", stating: "We must recognize that when an organization grows to a certain size, consensus decision-making is no longer possible, and some form of representative government becomes necessary. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. There's a generation looking for a new beginning, And our sparkling eyes and songs prophesize, Are adding our bodies to the protest line. Hayden was the lead author of the Port Huron Statement, a 1962 student manifesto that served as a foundation for protests against the Vietnam War. The 1965 protest was the beginning of what historian Howard Zinn called the greatest antiwar movement the nation had ever experienced, a movement that played a critical part in bringing the war to an end. Speakers and performers at the 2015 conference included Julian Bond, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Daniel Ellsberg, Vivian Rothstein, Luis Rodriguez, Tom Hayden, former Congressmembers Ron Dellums, Pat Schroeder and Elizabeth Holtzman, Staughton Lynd, David Harris, Marilyn Webb, Rev. SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Famed '60s anti-war activist Tom Hayden, whose name became forever linked with the celebrated Chicago 8 trial, Vietnam War protests and his ex-wife actress Jane Fonda,. I was far from the only one in tears as I heard them speak about Tom. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images). . As I said in my speech, letsthink about that strategy for today. It was calledthe Indochina Peace Campaign, IPC. But for his hubris in persisting to escalate the Vietnam War, Johnson might have entered the history books as one of America's greatest presidents, carried there by his commitment to civil rights and the elimination of poverty. In 2015 Tom wrote: My wife Barbara Williams has added a new meaning to the Albert Camus story of Sisyphus, who was condemned to push the rock back up the hill eternally. bobby kennedy pallbearers tom hayden american airlines core competencies June 21, 2022. the most poisonous snake in the world While at home for a month, I read constantly--the literature of the New Left. He and Williams adopted a son. Happily mingling in this congregation of joy: Onetime gang members (whose lives he had rescued and rearranged); his former students (ditto on the rearranged lives, maybe the same for the rescuing part); film and theatre people; academics and writers; political activists, including comrades from the Sixties and the California State Legislature, both; his family; and lots and lots of friends from many walks. He was married to Jane Fonda for 17 years, and is the father of actor Troy Garity. 1443, 35 L.Ed.2d 706 (1973). But considering the alternative of a Nixon presidency, I still hoped Humphrey would prevail. Hayden died in Santa Monica, California on October 23, 2016, aged 76, following a lengthy illness including a stroke. [1] Hayden's dismay with Coughlin caused him to break with the Catholic Church as a teenager. We laughed; we all knew that walk of Haydens (which I always thought of as the walk of a wary, James Dean-like, outsider). Visit www.bandanablues.com and hit the tipjar. An elderly and elegant gentleman wearing a fine wool sweater and dark-rimmed glasses, he spoke in Spanish, with translation. Thomas Emmet "Tom" Hayden (December 11, 1939 October 23, 2016) was an American social and political activist, author and politician, who was director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center in Los Angeles County, California. In the same year, while the Vietnam War was still ongoing, the documentary film Introduction to the Enemy, a collaboration by Fonda, Hayden, Haskell Wexler and others, was released. Seize the time! Raitt contributed to a new album, If You're Going To The City: A Tribute To Mose Allison, which celebrates the late singer and pianist, who famously blended the rough-edged blues of the Mississippi Delta with the 1950s jazz of New York City. Used by permission. They're also joined by Amy Allison his daughter, who executive produced the album about selecting an unexpected list of artists to contribute songs to the album. But there were many others who still believed in the system and had worked hard for McCarthy or Kennedy. People came from all over the country who had been in the trenches with Tom, some from the very beginning. God, I remember waterbeds, she said. Our work is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Tom Hayden, a 1960s radical who was in the vanguard of the movement to stop the Vietnam War and became one of the nation's best-known champions of liberal causes, has died in Santa Monica after. Thomas Emmet Hayden was born in Royal . A popular movement that succumbs to hate will soon enough see its promise in pieces and its time gone. ), Bobby Kennedy Jr. shed light on the relationship. Hayden, who died in October at the age of 76, had been one of the first white students from northern states to join blacks in Freedom Ride protests against segregation in the South. Does anyone know if he has recently shown any . He had a non-rhetorical way of putting big new ideas together so that people saw, I was with Tom when he visited Cesar Chavez to ask whether he should run for the U.S. Senate. A month later, a year that began with great hope, ended with little. Billy Graham. One former gang member, Alex Sanchez, paid tribute to Hayden for leading him away from a life of crime and violence. Tens of thousands of copies of the 25,000-word document were printed in booklet form. Only two days later, civil rights leader Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, where he'd gone to support striking sanitary workers. Tom died last October surrounded by people who loved him. You watched them in the sky. Bonnie Raitt performs 'Angel From Montgomery' with Jackson Browne at the 2022 Billboard Women In Music Awards. I didnt realize at the time what a brave and controversial departure that was for the Peace Movement and how much heat Tom took from the left for adopting this educational, grassroots strategy with its congressional focus. To illustrate the cultural impact that the Port Huron Statement had, we were able to get clips fromMad Men and the film,The Big Lebowski in which characters talked about the document and howcool it was. Eric Clapton, one of the worlds pre-eminent blues/rock guitarists, once again summoned an all-star team of six-string heroes for his fifth Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2019. They shouted their opposition to the undemocratic nature of the convention. Hayden, she said, had been her teacher for 26 years. The results would likely have been the same. He was a member of. Even then, I felt a bit sorry for him. The statement advocated for participatory democracy and helped launch the student movement of the 1960s. [39] Though he originally leaned towards Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary, Hayden later announced he would support Hillary Clinton and cast his vote for her when the primary reached California. We delivered our message demand that Congress cut aid toour puppet regime in Saigonin union halls, churches, editorial boards, oncampuses,to crowds of sometimes 10,000 people. His new initiative is the Make America Beautiful Again campaign. During January 2008, Hayden wrote an opinion essay for The Huffington Post's website endorsing Barack Obama's presidential bid in the Democratic primaries. [32], Hayden later served in the California State Assembly (19821992) and the State Senate (19922000). John de Graaf, Outreach Director of The Happiness Initiative, has produced more than fifteen national PBS documentary specials and is the co-author of "Affluenza: How Overconsumption Is Killing Us--And How to Fight Back" (2014). [47] Former U.S. President Bill Clinton memorialized him, saying, "Hillary and I knew him for more than thirty years and valued both his words of support and his criticism."[48]. I began door-belling for McCarthy shortly after Tet, in Superior, Wisconsin, an industrial port city, while I was attending Wisconsin State University there. (Hayden, teary- eyed, joined a small honor guard . In broken and halting English, she told me a story. Much as Tom Hayden would thrill to the voices of protest today, I suspect hed counsel a degree of caution that the moment might last and democracy endure. Senator John V. Tunney. argued that our democracy was largely an illusion. [31] Starting far behind, Hayden mounted a spirited campaign and finished a surprisingly close second in the Democratic primary. He was a member of Calvary Baptist Church. Distributed by ADA. 2022 Redwing Records, LLC. He enjoyed making music, going to church, attending Wheeler basketball games, Ole Miss athletics, watching Westerns and spending time with his grandchildren. During 2007, Akashic Books released Hayden's Ending the War in Iraq. The year began with great hopes that the seemingly endless war in Vietnam might end soon. In Indianapolis, Bobby Kennedy braved an angry crowd to urge the non-violence that King had espoused. He agitated and organized, even during the Obama presidency, for a coalition of the many and the diverse for a sharing of the promise of America. Jane Fonda, a supporter of the IPC, later turned this moniker into a name for her film production firm, IPC Films, which produced in whole or in part, movies and documentaries such as F.T.A. For years Tom worked tirelessly to stop the gang wars, helping support Homies Unidos and other efforts which allowed young men and women to leave the gang life and become community leaders. Hayden lived in Los Angeles and was married to his third wife, actress Barbara Williams, at the time of his death. It was held in a cavernous auditorium with perhaps a thousand people in attendance. Bombing those fields took on a new meaning.. There's a feeling of change in the winds that blow. Direct to your inbox. He also taught at Occidental College and at Harvard University's Institute of Politics. "The radicalism of the 1960s is fast becoming the common sense of the 1970s", The New York Times reported him saying at the time. Among the most important progressive political figures of our era, he co-authored the historic SDS-founding Port Huron Statements in the early 1960s, was a defendant in the trial of the legendary Chicago Seven, and went on to serve as a California State Senator. Dave Dellinger, Abbie Hoffman, and Jerry Rubin were indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and incitement to riot as part of the "Chicago Eight", a.k.a. He believed in me, Sanchez told the audience as tears rolled down his cheeks. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy . Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. Please help Spinner deal with the costs of hosting & bandwidth. With his big victory in California, Kennedy would surely have sailed to the Democratic nomination and almost certainly defeated his Republican opponent. Renowned as his Sixties and Seventies exploits were, Tom Hayden was not a man of the past. Bonnie Raitt, a longtime friend and supporter of Toms, sangChange is Gonna Come.. [35] Hayden served as a member of the advisory board for the Progressive Democrats of America, an organization created to increase progressive political cooperation and influence within the Democratic Party. With the war over, Tom could see that the Watergate scandal had created cracks in the walls of the establishment and that now was the time for progressives to squeeze through those cracks and run for office. The chant Push that rock is realism for radicals and reformers today. Following Barbaras song, members of theFirst AME Choir Tom Morello, Holly Near, Bonnie Raitt and James McVay and myself joined Barbara on stage for a rendition of Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn me Around, appropriately ending the memorial with everyone on their feet and singing along. Delores Huerta spoke. And you wanted to try to catch what they symbolize. No other year has left such vivid memories for me, though it may be that this year, 2018, will be even more decisive for the future of America.
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