Foreign troops were trained here as well. If Thornton would leave the department, then he would be charged with stealing the drugs, people knew that Thornton had connections so they would let him off the hook by the people he knew. Gov. Traditional bluegrass bands are systematically being excluded from the IBMA showcases because their music is not advancing the secret agenda of IBMAs new masters. Plus, they know too much about the deaths of three of Jimmy Martins hunting dogs. Hed been a beat cop throughout his career, and was appointed Chief of Police to clean up the corruption within the department. December 2019 A cluster of cases of a mysterious respiratory disease were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the first traces of a virus that would kill millions of people worldwide . If the Fed money came ONLY if the dept. | Opinion, Bill to end anti-competitive bourbon barrel tax a positive start | Opinion. wiretaps included in this. I believe everything Ive ever read about Agenda 21, Area 51, and Studio 54. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. He would be convicted in federal court in Ashland, Kentucky in 1987 on charges of interstate racketeering and furnishing the murder weapon in the shooting of Florida prosecutor Eugene Berry, and sentenced to 15 years. In that world passes a sordid cast of . 'Shakespearean twist.'. J. She met Preston West Madden (born July 24, 1934 . . Also Bobby believed that Melanie didnt have much cash on her because she didnt get paid until three days later, which in the time that the three days pasted Melanie didnt come and pick up her check. Police are also encouraging anyone with tips to report them. Anita Madden (Bluegrass Conspiracy) was right in there with Lambert, John Y. Blackmail used to FIX NFL and NBA games? A couple of months earlier, Lexington narcotics cop Andrew Thornton's body was found in a front yard in Knoxville, Tennessee, along with bags containing 70 pounds of Colombian cocaine, some $4,000 in cash, night vision goggles, two . Among those was John Bizzack --at the time the Earleys were murdered, one of the highest ranking officers in the department, second in command only to the Chief and in charge of both the homicide and narcotics division. ----------------- Daniel Goldin: NASA's Creature from the Black Vault, Part Two: ORWELL IN SPACE, NPRs This American Life Whitewashes U.S. Market data provided by Factset. THE GOOD OLE BOYS ROUNDUP. Only the files were made but nobody was ever arrested. | Opinion. DONT WAIT. Sally Denton is an investigative reporter, author, and historian who writes about the subjects others ignore--from a drug conspiracy in Kentucky to organized crime in Las Vegas; from corruption within the Mormon Church to the hidden history of Manifest Destiny; from one of America's bitterest political campaigns to the powerful forces arrayed against Franklin D. Roosevelt. I havent been a journalist in Kentucky for a long time, but I can still remember what they were suspected of and charged with back in the early 1980s when I was the investigative reporter for WKYT TV. A very good friend at the time was a man we heard of later with another Democratic governor by the name of Dan Lassiter. Along with Bill Canan being her boyfriend, Melanie had gone on a few dates with the attractive Andrew Thornton. Her husband's work while a police official entailed obstruction of justice: Don't think I've told you this before but I have told Sherman. Many of Lexington Kentucky's policemen, lawyers, and high society members are considered to have been a part of this group of criminals. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The scandal reached far beyond the rolling hills of the Bluegrass and became one of Lexington's and the country's most intriguing stories. Recommended. The gap between the social classes is a direct result of the horse industry Kentucky is most known for. There are no urban legends in my world, and we all know that the web site, which purports to tell us which internet rumors are true or false, is nothing more than a front for a secret organization funded by the Koch Brothers, George Soros and the Queen of England (who all live together, by the way, in a condo in Belize). The poison was administered through bluegrass festival corndogs. From The Side of the Road 500th column reflections, From The Side of the Road Catch the Bluegrass Wave, From The Side of the Road Its the law! Logout. Doyle Lawson also knew too much about the mysterious deaths of three of Jimmy Martins hunting dogs. I cant say his name because then my life would be in even more danger than it is right now (Im writing this from an undisclosed location, not far from Cape Canaveral). Cana was never charged with any connection to Melanies disappearance, but he was arrested on federal drug charges in 1993. (part 2), From The Side of the Road Bluegrass Deuteronomy, book 1, Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press at Bluegrass Wednesday Nights, Open Bluegrass Jam // Cinderlands Warehouse (Pittsburgh), Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam Class with Joel Denman Durango, CO, Open Bluegrass Jam // Cork Harbour Pub (Pittsburgh), Bluegrass Beyond Borders: Dave Wright & the Midnight Ramblers from Down Under, Bluegrass Beyond Borders: Bononia Grass plays with an Italian flavor, Russ Hooper: 74 years in bluegrass music and still gigging, Jason Fraley returns to Deeper Shade of Blue for one last show. It is a highly-fictionalized account loosely based on fact, from a story that has its roots in the Bluegrass. At Nellie Kellys, Melanie was talking to a man with a pockmarked face and brown hair that was parted down the middle (The Doe Network). Sally Denton, an investigative reporter, historian and author of The Bluegrass Conspiracy: An Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs and Murder, explained the true story on the Moncrieff programme . Other blackmail as Daryl Gates was prone to use on the City Council, the governor, the mayor and more??? The movie Cocaine Bear opens Thursday in theaters. Also found in the car was a suitcase that Melanie had left in her car from her trip, a week before she suddenly disappeared, to Louisville, Kentucky. by Sally Denton Cookie Notice I suppose Sam Bushs presence as keynote speaker for the IBMA World of Bluegrass right after the Coca-Cola takeover is also just a coincidence.. Lexington, though a diverse and alluring city in many ways, has not always had a sparkling reputation. Inside-Drugs-Murder/dp/0595196667, An addendum to my review -- Ralph Ross dies, October 5, 2002 "mcordier" (Frankfort, KY USA), FYI -- Ralph Ross, the tenacious KSP officer who is a central figure in this book, died of cancer on August 24th, 2002. The contents inside the purse were, lipstick, a perfume atomizer, and two bottles of medicine, one of which was Melanies antihistamines (The Charley Project), which she had been prescribed by her doctor because of her allergies. Legal Statement. Her ex-husband was Robert Evan's fame of the Cotton Club Murders and Denise's former lover and Paramount film producer. One day however, they finally caught up with him. In past years Melanie had many horse riding accidents. When Thornton was found with a broken . The new horror-comedy, which is rated R, is about a black bear that stumbles upon a stash of drugs, then goes on a bloody killing spree. In 1995 (during the OJ trial) she managed to have Kato Kaelin as a houseguest and Derby Party guest. of Fed money coming in with strings attached) are trained in another facility in East Georgia run by the CIA. It also includes the disappearance of Melanie Flynn. Bizzack+and+cover-up&hl=en&gl=us&ct= In 1996 his brother Joe, having served six years in a federal prison for conspiracy in the Judge Wood murder, dies in an automobile accident near El Paso, Texas. Also believe that Melanie was abducted, murdered, and her body was disposed of, that location to this day is still unknown. And perhaps the LAPD cops were working with The Company (what they called themselves here) made up of cops, ex-cops, ex-military and mercenaries that Provided "security" for drug deals and money laundering. In addition to leading his own band, with whom he tours and records, Jones is an award-winning broadcaster and songwriter. The Bluegrass Conspiracy is a book by Sally Denton which examines the life and death of Kentuckian narcotics officer turned drug smuggler, Andrew C. Thornton II.The story of Thornton's untimely death is almost too unfathomable to believe, but it's 100% true. A Lexington resident during this time, Donna Brandenburg, said I remember when rumors of this started to spread. You are correct to mention Ollie North as having more power than his station in life called for but you have to put the CIA in the mix whom I believe he had and perhaps still have strong connections with. It was just a shared hallucination by the attendees. Theres a message imbedded in the lyrics of, As mentioned in the video discussed above, Hylo Brown is still alive and still singing a mean. The new horror-comedy, which is rated R, is about a black bear that stumbles upon a stash of drugs, then goes on a bloody killing spree. Be careful what you joke about, as the originator of the birds arent real conspiracy will now tell you. Legal Statement. The taxidermied bear on display at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, Kentucky known as the "Cocaine Bear" is NOT the actual bear that died in the drug smuggling saga known commonly as "The Bluegrass Conspiracy.". (LEX 18) Authorities have recently searched a property along the Kentucky River on the Mercer and Jessamine County line in connection with the 1977 disappearance of Melanie Flynn. Brown, Jr., Dan Lasater (Bill Clinton), and the whole crew. And the obituaries mention that Carole "was very involved in her husband's work.". This "scandal" involved Lexington cops on the Narc squad and more. Were these guys getting security clearances or security background checkups? Talk to ABC 36 News anchors, reporters and meteorologists. I have often wondered (because of the threats and harassment to the people who video-taped that little gathering and the timing of it) if Mark Fuhrman himself wouldn't have shown up on the video if the whole thing could have been played. Blonde to light brown hair, brown eyes. Somebody had to vouch for her. Brown; his top political aides; former policeman and blueblood Andrew Thornton, the leader of an organization known as the "Company"; and other bluebloods, rich from money originally earned in horse-breeding and racing. As drugs were continuously being sold, the gap between the wealthy and poor of Lexington grew larger and larger with each transaction, until the lower class citizens were completely in the dark about the illegal activities pursued by the upper class. The Universal Pictures film, described as a "character-driven thriller" highlights the events of the infamous Bluegrass Conspiracy.. The writer mile Zola exposed the affair. The Bluegrass Conspiracy is now considered a cold case in Lexington Kentucky., THE BLUEGRASS CONSPIRACY +64 6-361 7928. The story eventually balloons into a mammoth scandal known as the "Bluegrass Conspiracy", but no trace of Melanie is ever found. Their primary goals are the introduction of the Moog synthesizer into bluegrass music so gradually that no one notices, and the relocation of the Bluegrass Hall of Fame to Belgium. Among the major players were Governor John Y. (He also hired Barbara Bailey, Bill Bryant and Sam Dick.). 0PDF/clemency%2520application.pdf+john+ Amanda Gilbreaths brotherthe one who stabbed the guy in. And youre going to tell me this is just a coincidence? Andrew Carter Thornton II was born on October 30, 1944, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. I would appreciate it if you would also use air quotes while youre reading this.). "Carole Bizzack, 64, of Lexington, Ky., wife of an Eastern Kentucky University Regent.". Use it wisely.). Another police officer customer of the Earley Bird Cleaners was Larry Walsh. Yet even today, the 1977 disappearance of Melanie Flynn remains a mystery. During the time of her disappearance, Melanie was working along with the Lexington police as an informant. For more information, please see our After the divorce of George and Evans, Brown stepped into the picture. Flynn worked for Canan as an undercover informant, and a fellow police officer once testified that Canan admitted killing Flynn. Agreeing with Bobby, Ralph didnt think that Bill Canan wasnt doing all these deeds alone. I happen to believe that the same requirements from the Feds that began in the 70's (the CIA training) was in effect in LA during that time and later and caused the LAPD Intelligence Squad to come into existence. The Bluegrass Conspiracy. (LEX 18) Authorities have recently searched a property along the Kentucky River on the Mercer and Jessamine County line in connection with the 1977 . LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Even decades later, Ken Kurtz remembers exactly where he was on Sept. 11, 1985. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Create a free website or blog at A narc cop is believed to have been the one to kill Melanie Flynn (baseball player Doug Flynn's sister). I have often wondered if the Heidi Fleiss business where LAPD cops provided security wasn't one of the operations that we had here in the Bluegrass Conspiracy. Legal Statement. I suppose we will never know. They've not found anything so far, but police are asking for tips and old photos of Murphy's Landing. This week's episode of "The Path Went Chilly" explores a convoluted missing persons case which may have been connected to a multi-million-dollar drug smuggling ring & The tie in tragedy that is Cocaine Bear.
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