The Allman Brothers Band In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Live At Fillmore East), 1. We arrived instead near the end of Tayles set. A team of the Kingdom's finest detectives has been assembled and put on the case. The Magical Mystery Tour, an hour of all Beatles music, starts the night off at 8 p.m., and the Midnight Snack, a full complete vintage album, follows Beaker Street. Ill be spinning some delicious classic dishes from the likes of Touch, Wishbone Ash and the Moody Blues, followed by fresh desserts from Anathema and others. Despite its success,Beaker Street came to an end in 1974 due to increasing financial difficulties and declining interest from the public. Rock City Outfitters (Beaker Street Merch). The shows impact was far-reaching, helping to launch the careers of many local and regional musicians. I havent been writing much lately. Theres sure to be something to tickle your eardrums. Chris Rea Somewhere Between The Stars (Santo Spirito), 2. But Im warning you. Beaker Street debuted in late 1966 on Little Rock station KAAY. Click here to listen to the MP3 recording of this show. What really made KAAY unique was Beaker Street, which sounded like nothing else on AM in Chicago or anywhere else. Beaker Street Theatre (Little Rock, Arkansas) Milda Broussard 13 videos 2,254 views Last updated on Jun 3, 2021 Play all Shuffle 1 4:07 Legendary Beaker Street Radio Show, January 16, 2011. Summerfest is an annual music festival held in a permanent, seventy-five acre Festival Park along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Happy listening! We missed Mylon who, I learned recently, was managed by Felix Pappalardi of Mountain, the concert headliners. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In 2012 the original complete soundtrack from the movie "Charade" was release for the first time ever. Most of you know I have a weekly music show on a local community radio station in Asheville. On my July 2, 2018 radio show, Life Out of Tunes on Asheville FM, Ill be spinning songs from that first Summerfest experience and fromother artists Ive heard at the festival over the years. Thanks to the Internet Archive digital library, portions of some original Beaker Street programs have been preserved. The show was heard six nights a week, from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m. Spirit Fresh Garbage/ Uncle Jack/ Mechanical World, 5. By necessity, I had to either substitute one song for another from the same artist, or skip some songs entirely because, in case you didnt know it, Spotify doesnt have everything. The program then landed at The Point, which has a tight playlist of classic rock hits. Watch more Muppet Music Videos ready for The Muppets like youve never seen them before! Talk. After a steady diet of top forty hits and fast-talking DJs, I was mesmerized by the mellow voice of Clifford and the loosely structured format of acid rock, folk rock, blues, jazz, and what later came to be known as progressive rock. After a steady diet of top forty "hits" and fast-talking DJs, I was mesmerized by the mellow voice . The show was heard six nights a week, from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m. After your morning coffee and a quick walk around the neighborhood with Fido, you might be heading off to work. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Unfortunately, though, there is an audio-visual archive of Heavy Chevy & the Circuit Riders on YouTube. In fact, the tracks from Abraxas Pool and Gypsy in the example above werent available on Spotify. Sonia Dada Lesters Methadone Clinic, 10. Horslips The Power and The Glory> The Rock Remains, 8. You can listen to my radio show,Life Out of Tunes with Joey Books every Monday afternoon from 2 p.m until 4 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Central) on 103.3 Asheville FM, and stream it live at: (LogOut/ It included a whopping 15 more tracks . The show quickly became popular, thanks to its mix of music, humor, and intelligent conversation. Finally, as rain continued to fall, Mountain took the stage. Among other things, Im a reviewer of new music. A way to catalog and shelve that playlist in my head. Days later I found myself standing under the canopy, behind the Asheville FM table at another community event, talking with folks about the station, its programs and its opportunities to serve the Asheville listening audience. Grand Funk Railroad Mean Mistreater/ Paranoid, 2. Recently, again thanks to the Internet Archive, I located a number of Beaker Street playlists from the years 1996 to 2000, which were published on the programs web site at the time. It was on Beaker Street where I discovered artists like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Albert King, Phil Ochs, East of Eden, Tom Rush, Grateful Dead, and Herbie Mann among many others, including Jaime Brockett singing about 'The Legend of the U.S.S. Beaker Street 6-19-20. Happy listening! Log in to view your feed. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, Beaker Street began to decline. The program was broadcast on KAAY, a local AM radio station. And thanks for listening to Life Out of Tunes on Asheville FM! Now, Im working on a DJ. Beaker Street came to an end in 1977, but its legacy lives on. One Monday evening found me shadowing on a program aptly named Uncorrected Personality Traits with hosts Jaybird and Juliet. The Corporation I Want To Get Out Of My Grave, 6. 5. They have a prime suspect, they have a motive, and they know what the opportunity to commit the crime was. Clifford left Beaker Street andKAAY in 1974. Keith Emerson & The Nice Little Arabella (Live Vivacious Live At Glasgow 2002), 3. Documenting the set lists of legendary radio program "Beaker Street". While Beaker Street only lasted for a few years in Little Rock, it left a lasting impression on those who heard it. Aircheck of Beaker Street and Beaker Theater - 4/13/71. And one of these days, I hope to be doing the tickling. I saw comedian Billy Crystal perform there early in his career, and heard Linda Ronstadt announce to the Milwaukee crowd, Its so great to be here in Indiana! We were quick to correct her geography. Even for a volunteer-driven, community radio station that broadcasts locally and streams its signal worldwide via the Internet, listener support is crucial for our ongoing operations. The show originally aired on Sunday nights from 10pm to midnight, but later moved to Saturday nights. In four decades of semi-regular Summerfest attendance since then, Ive heard such notable artists as Roy Orbison, the Moody Blues, Robin Trower, Linda Ronstadt, Kansas, Michael Franti, the Freddy Jones Band, Green Children and many others, including jazz, folk and blues musicians from all over the world. Spirit "Nature's Way> Animal Zoo" 5. Grand Funk Railroad Inside Looking Out, 4. I wish he were still in office now and actually considering that run for a Franken Presidency. Isnt it a shame no visual archive of that telethon show exists? Act. KAAY, an AM station broadcasting all the way into southern Wisconsin from Little Rock, Arkansas, came in loud and clear. There was no other radio show like it in the city at the time, and its popularity only grew as word spread about this wild and crazy program. Discover Popular Podcasts. The show's original announcer, Clyde Clifford, moved to FM in 1974 [1] as the rise in popularity of FM radio began to impact the operations of many AM stations. Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi, Corky Laing, and Steve Knight simply blew us away. Quicksilver Messenger Service "Pride Of Man" 6. Change). David Crosby passes on Wed Jan 18, 2023. In many ways, Beaker Street was the citys first alternative music scene, and it paved the way for future generations of musicians and fans. They were John Sebastian, recently gone solo from the Luvin Spoonful; Poco, founded by some former Buffalo Springfield members; and Mountain, four loud, hard rockers led by behemoth guitar shredder, Leslie West. My first experience at Summerfest was in 1971. Titanic' and Deep Water Reunion covering the Tom Paxton ballad, 'Cindy's Crying.' I didnt know much about them until one day while walking by there I noticed a canopy over a table set up in front of the small, nondescript corner building where some friendly folks invited me over to chat. It was a deliciously juicy treat, playing what can only be described as a truly eclectic cacophony of ear candy, some sweet, some sour, but all highly digestible with little or no antacid required. Official video of Gerry Rafferty performing 'Baker Street' from the album 'City to City'. Fri Jan 06, 2023. Join in the fun with original Muppet comedy shows, TV promos, and charity PSAs. The Beaker Street phenomenon in Little Rock, Arkansas Beaker Street was a countercultural radio show that aired on KAAY-AM from 1966 to 1984. Monday, January 15, 2018, 2:00-3:00 pm (EST) Or maybe its because I cant think of anything else to write about. One of the most popular attractions at Beaker Street was the Psychedelic Graveyard, where attendees could take photos with life-sized cardboard cutouts of famous dead musicians. And since then, radio has gotten maybe even more streamlined, even less willing to . It had been raining intermittently all day, leaving a sparkling sheen on every exposed surface. Jaime Brockett The Legend of the U.S.S. For three hours, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm (Eastern) on Thanksgiving Day Ill be serving up some of the best in classic Prog music for the main course, garnished with a healthful helping of contemporary selections. Many of the original Beaker Street musicians went on to have successful careers in the music industry, including Steve Cropper (Booker T. & The MGs) and Levon Helm (The Band). It was fifty years ago, but seems like a blink of an eye. As a matter of fact, it goes by the same name as this blog, Life Out of Tunes. Clyde was always on top of the latest music, but never hesitated to juxtapose an older, more popular song with one never before heard. Official video of Gerry Rafferty performing 'Baker Street' from the album 'City to City'. Jeff Beck passes on Tue Jan 10, 2023. So last night recording displays as 000101_0384.mp3 TASCAM DR_22WL when displayed by my media player. , hosted by Clyde Clifford, will air from 9 p.m. to midnight. Theyre not actually published anywhere other than in a DJ discussion group for the community radio station, Asheville FM, where I volunteer as host forLife Out of Tunes, the radio show. The street is named for the Little Rock Water Works, which was located on the street from 1879 to 1957. Godley & Creme "Art School Canteen" 2. Beaker Street was founded by John Flowers and Bill Coulter. You can stream it live on by clicking on the Listen Live button. Manfred Manns Earth Band Nightingales And Bombers, 2. Life Out of Tunes on the radio, hosted by Joey Books, can be heard Mondays, 2:00 to 3:00 PM (Eastern) on Asheville FM (WSFM-LP, 103.3) and streaming worldwide at Clifford left Beaker Street andKAAY in 1974. Perhaps its a lingering librarian obsession within me. Fri Jan 13, 2023. Id been accepted at the University of Notre Dame as a freshman for the fall semester where it didnt take long before Id become one of the effete corps of impudent snobs so colorfully described by vice-president Spiro Agnew. Postage was eight cents back then. Vanilla Fudge Stra (Illusions of My Childhood Part 1> You Keep Me Hangin On>Illusions of My Childhood Part 2), 7. 7. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, I was finishing my senior year in high school. Heres a playlist for the first two hours of the programwhich was broadcast and streamed on January 9, 2000: I was unable to locate recorded shows from the later years of Beaker Street. Led Zeppelin "Nobody's Fault But Mine" 7. On this commemoration of his birth, January 15, Ill broadcast my weekly radio show. The biggest stars continue to perform at Summerfest in whats now a 25,000-seat amphitheater at one end of the festival grounds for which tickets are sold at much higher prices than Summerfests nominal gate cost. My Introduction to Underground Radio: KAAY Little Rock, Arkansas. Once there, simply enter Beaker Street in the Spotify search bar and scroll down to Playlists. Click on See All and youll see a couple dozen Beaker Street playlists by joeybooks.. Outstanding, classic Beaker playlist here as played by Clyde hes still got it! Flowers On The Wall | with Bunsen and Beaker | Muppets Music Video | The Muppets Blakwulf Fredrik Nvisdal The Muppets godandline Stars & Stripes FOREVER! Beaker Street was a countercultural radio show that aired on KAAY-AM from 1966 to 1984. 3. Every Sunday night, listeners would tune in to hear host Jim Sims spin records and chat with guests ranging from politicians to activists to musicians. Im not much of a writer anyway, so it really doesnt matter. Clyde was always on top of the latest music, but never hesitated to juxtapose an older, more popular song with one never before heard. Update: If you were not aware, has answered the call to bring Beaker Street & Clyde Clifford into the fold. It was fifty years ago, but seems like a blink of an eye. Tune into the all new the Muppet show, The Muppets on Tuesday nights at 8|7c on ABC! Rank. The show continued to air until 1979, when Milkovsky left Little Rock to pursue a career in radio broadcasting in New York City. The Muppets on YouTubeWelcome to the Official YouTube channel for The Muppets! For many listeners, it was their first exposure to music that was outside of the mainstream. Or perhaps youre not working, whether by choice or by circumstance. Together we can explore and enjoy a few deep tracks from these great artists. It opened up their eyes and ears to new sounds and perspectives, and ultimately helped shape their musical taste. Jus dont throw no bottles at me. Heplayed an entire set and two encores without incident. Now, most of the writing Im able to accomplish is in the form of brief reviews for new CD releases. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Still, I missed the uniqueBeaker Street format. Top Trending Podcasts. 1. They called it Beaker Street, after the street where one of the members lived. A blog about Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1970s with a focus on the music scene. I was also invited to be a pitch partner for an hour with Professor JD during his prog rock show, Closer to the Edge, on Thursday afternoon of the fund drive. With spring now in full swing, we are celebrating the season with new ideas and new goals to make our commercial-free radio station even better and stronger than it is now! A band named Tayles, from Madison, Wisconsin, and Mylon, a southern gospel-rock group were the opening acts. If any bottles were thrown toward the stage during Mountains set, the high decibel sound waves mightve stopped them in flight. Yet. This time, Clyde was on every Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight, bouncing around first on KZLR (KZ-95), later on Magic 105.1 FM (KMJX), and finally ending up on The Point, 94.1 FM where Beaker Street lasted until 2011. The show was created by and named after its original host, John Gage, who took the name "Beaker" from the Muppets character. Its frustrating to think wonderful prose and not be able to transfer it to actual words on paper or a screen. Within Temptation Mother Earth (Live at Leidse Kade), 5. The two men shared a passion for music and wanted to create a show that would showcase the talents of local musicians. Though memories of these things sometimes fade, I located newspaper clippings published at that time to corroborate my recollection. Host: Clyde Clifford Incidental Music: Head "Cannabis Sativa" Check out: Arkansas Record and CD Exchange Rock City Outfitters (Beaker Street Merch) Soft Hippy Hounds Hemp Dog Treats and Stated Apparel 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. I can assure you that is not the case. Heres a playlist for the first two hours of the programwhich was broadcast and streamed on January 9, 2000: I was unable to locate recorded shows from the later years of Beaker Street. If youd like to listen to Clyde Cliffords (nearly) complete playlist from the January 9, 2000 Beaker Street, along with several playlists from his other 1996-2000 broadcasts, you must logon to Spotify. Though often difficult to understand, due to his this Meee accent, Beaker is known among the Muppets as the one who always gets hurt. Clyde was always on top of the latest music, but never hesitated to juxtapose an older, more popular song with one never before heard. Broadcasting as DJ Joey Books, my show will begin Monday, December 4, 2017, airing weekly from 2:00 to 3:00 (Eastern) every Monday afternoon. My Introduction to Underground Radio: KAAY Little Rock,Arkansas, During that time the show was also streamed live, from itsBeaker Streetweb site. He then moved Beaker Street over to the more established KMJX-FM, Magic 105, where it continued until that station changed format in 2008. I yanked out the rightmost pushbutton, then shoved it back in, engaging the preset. Check out:Arkansas Record and CD ExchangeRock City Outfitters (Beaker Street Merch)Soft Shirts.comHippy Hounds Hemp Dog TreatsandStated Apparel, 1. Some folks experience personal catharsis from writing. My thoughts are fleeting. Brian Auger & Oblivion Express Marais Wedding, 5. By that time, FM had taken hold, and I was now listening to underground radio on Radio Free Madison, WIBA-FM from Madison, Wisconsin. When I was a working library professional, I wrote more than a hundred brief (150 words or less) book reviews for Library Journal, mainly covering two subject areas. Today, Beaker Street is home to many businesses, including the Arkansas State Capitol, the Arkansas Supreme Court, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. The Moody Blues The Voice/ Gemini Dream, 9. This was a time of great change and growth for the city, and Beaker Street was at the forefront of this transformation. Required fields are marked *. Or republicans. ever seems to go right for Beaker - watch as he opens his heart through song as he shares his cover of the Kansas classic, \"Dust in the Wind\" Watch more of the best moments, music videos, and laughs from The Muppets! Beaker Street quickly became popular with both listeners and musicians. Documenting the set lists of legendary radio program "Beaker Street", 7th show of theArkansas Rocks Radio NetworkEra, Check out:Arkansas Record and CD Exchange and Rock City Outfitters, Click here to listen to the MP3 recording of this show (Thanks Kenneth Hawkins for sharing), Click here to listen to Kenneth Hawkins Google Drive recording of this show, 2.
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